Short Track Speed Skating offers fast and fun excitement for skaters of all ages. Whether you are looking to learn to skate from scratch or you are looking to add strength and agility to the skills you already have, this is the sport for you!

Regular practice sessions are divided into 3 groups (Beginner, Intermediate, Senior). Skaters are placed into groups depending on their ability. Generally, group changes take place at the start of each season, although exceptions can be made by the coaches anytime they feel it is in a skater’s best interest.

  • Beginners: New to skating.
  • Intermediates: 2 or more years of acquired skills.
  • Seniors: More advanced experience.

2016 Fall Registration

Registration for returning skaters will take place in August 18th, 5:30 to 7:30pm at the Abbotsford Recreation center. Skate fitting will also be done that day, and skating will begin on early Sept. A few notes about registration. If you can print off your forms and fill them out in advance that would be great. I will have some there for those that can't. Please remember the associate is the parent, so please put the parent's name on that form. If both parents are joining as associates, please have each parent fill out a form. I have added a space for the email address to that form. If your email is the same as the skater's you don't need to fill it out, but for those associates without skaters, please fill it in.

If you have initialled that the skater has no medical conditions, there is no need to fill out the medical form. That is only for conditions which you wish to be disclosed in the event of an emergency. Please submit this form in a sealed envelope.

For all skating members we need to increase the fees by $10. This is in addition to the increase sent out in the fee schedule. Our provincial body has increased our fees, so we need to collect this. Associate fees will be unchanged.

Registration Form

Registration by Appointment

If you were unable to register on September 7, please email and someone will get back to you and arrange an appointment.

Practice Schedule


  • 4:00 - 5:20 pm Beginners / Intermediates
  • 5:30 - 7:00 pm Seniors


  • 4:00 - 5:15 pm Intermediates
  • 5:30 - 7:00 pm Seniors


  • 4:00 - 5:20 pm Beginners / Intermediates
  • 5:30 - 7:00 pm Seniors

Masters will be assessed and placed accordingly.

Please note that all times and groups may be subject to change after the season start-up depending on group sizes and ability levels. This will be decided by the coaching team and the club executive.

IMPORTANT: Safety mats must be in place at all practice sessions before skaters are allowed on the ice.

Parents are expected to help get safety mats on the ice in time for the practice session and to help take the mats off at the end of the session.

Practice Protocol

These rules are to encourage a safe and happy practice for everyone

  • Safety mats are placed around the boards for the protection of the skaters should they fall or slide into the boards. It is important that these mats be in place at all practice sessions before skaters are allowed on the ice. Parents are expected to get safety mats on the ice before and after each practice.
  • The safest place to be is in the middle of the ice.
  • Skaters must not stand against the boards as a falling skater may hit them.
  • Always ask the coach if you must leave the ice. Extreme caution must be used in crossing the skating path. Stop, look, then cross quickly.
  • On the skating path, the fastest skaters have the outside lane, and the slower skaters the inside lane.
  • When skating on the path, skate in a consistent pattern. If you wish to stop or rest, stand up and glide carefully to the middle of the ice. Do not stop suddenly and cut across the path.
  • Falling and sliding across the ice or pushing other skaters is dangerous.
  • A coach must always be on the ice and is always the person in charge.
  • All skaters, whether competitive or recreational, must follow the same directions.
  • Tighten skates and use the bathroom before going on the ice.
  • Be prompt getting on the ice at practice.
  • Always skate counterclockwise.

Long Term Athlete Development

Speed Skating Canada has committed to develop and implement a Long Term Athlete Development model that ensures a continuous and seamless development pathway for skaters in Canada.

The intent of this model is to ensure that from the Participation through to the Performance aspects of the sport SSC is able to provide:

  • common framework of skater development for all organizations that provide or facilitate skating programs in order that young people can achieve the best skating experience possible; and
  • guidelines that will give our skaters the technical, tactical, physical and mental skills and abilities necessary for achieving excellence on the world stage.

The following table outlines the path to athlete development at all stages, including the number of training sessions and competitions for each stage of the athlete.

Training LTAD Path Competitions
Stage 5.1 & 5.2

Learning to win Maximized

ST 23+ LT 25+


year round

120' of 9-12/wk

Stage 4.2

training to compete


Male 18-21+

Female 17-21+

ST and LT


world cham

world cups


world cham

world cups


Learning to win

40% tr 60% comp

national tr#1

national tr#2




year round

120' of 9-12/wk

Stage 4.1

training to compete


Male 16-18+

Female 15-17+

ST and LT

national tr#3

nat Jr tr 14-18

qualifier #1

qualifier #2

WCP #1,2,3,4
(with qualifier)


CWG 14-18

cwg #1


all levels

40% tr 60% comp

Nat ST age class

Nat LT age class


60'-90' 5/wk

yr round
beginning 3-5 ice 2
progress to 5 ice
and 2 dryland

Stage 3

training to train


Male 12-16

Female 11-15

ST and LT

3 prov ST/1 LT

BC Cup #1

BC Cup #2

BC ST age class

BC LT age class


club/prov/Can ac
Cwg Nt jr

60% tr 40% comp

1 regional age class

So reg ac

BCWG juv


60' 3/wk

for 22-29 wks
3 other

Stage 2

Learning to train/
Fundamental skills


Male 9-12

Female 8-11

ST and LT

8 local club competitions




Maple Ridge





3 local club competitions





club and prov
emphasis on skills

70% tr 30% comp


45' 1-3/wk

for 22-24 wks
should be
involved in 4
diff sports

Stage 1



Male 6-9

Female 6-8

pw 6-7

ban 8-9

mid 10-11

juv 12-13

jun 14-15

inter 16-17

senior 18+

Competition at this level

club level
recommended number 0-6

Athlete Code Of Conduct

All skaters and members involved are asked to take note of the following rules for conduct. The Code of Conduct applies to all skate sanctioned activities both on and off the ice.

  1. Matsqui Blades expects all members to:
    • be honest and forthright
    • treat others with courtesy and respect
    • respect the property of others
    • respond to coaches and all meet officials with courtesy and respect.
    • settle disagreements in a fair and non violent way
  2. The following behaviour is unacceptable for a member of the Matsqui Blades Speed skating Club.
    • lying
    • intimidation
    • using profane, disrespectful and abusive language including offensive gestures.
    • using any form of physical abuse.
    • prejudicial behaviour,
    • harassment
    • defiance of or rudeness to coaches and all ice officials or chaperones.
    • destroying, damaging or interfering with the property of others, or of the Matsqui Blades Speed skating Club.
  3. The following is a list of immediate consequences for unacceptable behaviour. All or some of these measures may be taken, and not necessarily in this order listed.
    • Warning
    • Time out
    • Contact with parents
    • Suspension until further investigation can take place
  4. Upon accepting his or her misbehaviour, a skater may make restitution through a verbal or written apology to the parties involved, along with a Statement to the Club Executive, that the offending action will not reoccur.
  5. For persistent unacceptable behaviour, all or some of the following measures may be taken by the Executive of the Matsqui Blades Speed Skating Club:
    • Withdrawal of funding to meets.
    • Suspension from practices and meets
    • Expulsion from the Matsqui Blades Speed Skating Club
  6. Immediate suspension without warning will be enforced by the Executive of the Matsqui Blades Speed Skating Club for serious infraction involving:
    • Overt or deliberate opposition, rudeness, attack or threatening of any individual including, but not limited to coaches, officials chaperones or fellow skaters.
    • Wilful destruction of or harm to, property during all club sanction activities.
    • Use of alcohol and/or drugs at any club sanctioned activity.
    • Wilful destruction of, or harm to property of another during all skate sanctioned activities
  7. Minor skaters must have a parent or designated supervisor present during all club sanctioned activities.

British Columbia Speed Skating Association
Code Of Conduct

  • Possession or use of illegal or restricted drugs is absolutely prohibited.
  • Alcohol is prohibited.
  • Damage to property is the legal and financial responsibility of the parent or legal guardian of the individual.
  • Obedience of User Facility Rules & Regulations as they may apply, is the responsibility of the individual.
  • Respect and consideration must be shown at all times, towards all athletes, coaches, officials, and public.
  • Acceptable social behavior is expected at all times.
  • Under no circumstances shall alcohol be given to or obtained for minor or minors.
  • Any infraction of the above rules may result in suspension or expulsion.
  • In dormitory situations, in which both adults and minors accommodate, alcohol shall not be present.

Should violations occur, a committee consisting of the B.C.S.S.A. President, the Chief Organizer of the event, the Advanced Programs Chairperson (if available), and a B.C.S.S.A. Member who shall be unrelated personally or professionally to the defendant(s) will investigate the complaint(s), question the defendant(s), make a final decision in camera and notify the defendant(s) in writing of the decision.

A copy of the decision shall be kept in the Minute Book of the Association.

September 8, 1996