Competitive meets, with groups for everyone, are sponsored by most clubs sometime during the October-March season.

  • Most are held on a Saturday or Sunday, but others are 2 day events.
  • One day meets start early and are a great deal of fun for everyone.
  • Coaches will prepare first time competitors as to what they can expect.

Upcoming Events

  • To Be Announced. Stay tuned. 

Event Registration

How to Register for a Competition

  • Parents must complete a basic registration form at the arena, about two weeks prior to each competition.
  • Registration will be available in the club bulletin case.
  • Jim Hume will collect the registrations and relay all pertinent information to the host club by the deadline. Familiarize yourself with your child’s BC racing number, age category and fastest required times. An updated roster will be posted in the bulletin case at our arena.

Competition Fees

  • Range from $19.00+ for a one day meet, to $36.00+ for a two day meet. SSC sanctioned meets can be up to $50.00+.
  • Fees must be given to the meet registrar along with entry form by the club deadline. (Non refundable after deadline, even if child is unable to make it at the last minute.) If paying by cheque, make it payable to Matsqui Blades Speed Skating Club.

All Funding Subject to Availability of Funds

Transportation to Competitions

  • Transportation to meets around the lower mainland is the responsibility of individual families, but there are always many vehicles going, so no skater need miss out due to lack of a ride. We do ask that you not make a habit of sending your child with others though. We encourage family involvement and support.
  • Transportation to meets further away will be arranged by the Travel Committee depending on availability of funds. Watch club bulletin board for travel bulletins and sign up sheets.

Team Managers

The travel committee will select a Team Manager to assist the coach and skaters for specific meets to be announced during the competition season.

Security Clearance Mandatory

Funding for Team Managers

Full cost of transportation, hotel based on shared accommodations, and a per diem for meals.

All Funding Subject to Availability of Funds

Responsibilities of a Team Manager

  • Must be a paid up member.
  • Manager needs to file a security clearance with local police.
  • Must have knowledge of competition format & be able to assist skaters with equipment.
  • Must travel with skaters.
  • Must communicate with the designated coach prior to departure in regards to details of the trip.
  • Responsible for all unaccompanied skaters, should talk to skaters parents prior to leaving.
  • Must be available to parents of traveling skaters to address concerns. You will need medical information, home phone numbers, etc. You will also want to know that skaters bring enough money for hotel and meals. Check in & out of hotel, take care of ground transportation, collecting money for banquets, etc., and confirming skater registration at check-in.
  • Put skaters needs before your own (i.e.) make sure skaters are settled in rooms at night. Do not leave younger skaters unattended, etc.
  • Ensure Code of Conduct is adhered to by all and report infractions to Travel Chair.

Security Clearance

Coaches and team managers traveling out of town with skaters must file a security check with the local police. Donna Bilous has the necessary forms – you fill it out and return it to the police station along with the required fee (approx. $27) The police do a routine criminal search and notify our club designate, Donna Bilous of any information we need to be aware of. Only when an all clear is given, can we send you with the skaters. We trust everyone recognizes this precaution is for the safety of our children. Results are confidential and usually done while you wait. Fee is reimbursed by club.

What to Bring to Meets

The following is a checklist of what a skater should have in their skate bag for meets (and practices).

  • Skates
  • Skinsuit
  • Extra skate laces
  • Skate guards
  • Skate socks
  • Cloth to dry skates
  • Helmet
  • Knee pads
  • Shin pads
  • Non-woven cut proof gloves
  • Extra clothing (in case you fall in the wet areas)
  • Hair dryer (optional) for drying wet clothing and skinsuit due to fall
  • Water bottle
  • Wrench for tightening skate bolts
  • Snacks (healthy ones!)
  • Band-aids (for blisters, etc)

The following is a checklist for what parents should bring to meets.

  • WARM clothing
  • Blanket for sitting on and/or wrapping around
  • Lunch and snacks

Parents are asked to supervise their children at meets, as they are representing the Matsqui Blades Speed Skating Club.

Remember that the Code of Conduct also applies to meets.